Cleaning & Support Services

This Apprenticeship covers many aspects of professional cleaning, from mechanised street cleaning to the maintenance of hard floors. There’s more to cleaning than people realise. A huge range of things need cleaning,  cleaning staff can sometimes work at crime and accident scenes, hospitals, high risk factories or high security office blocks.

The work may involve hazardous chemicals, large machinery, working at heights or in confined spaces using specialist protective clothing and equipment.

Why Cleaning & Support Services?

  • Opportunities available throughout the UK
  • As an Apprentice you will learn a range of transferable skills including health & safety, working effectively with customers, maintenance and minor repairs and operating machinery and equipment
  • The qualifications achieved are recognised by employers in the industry and will be a real advantage when you are thinking of promotion or applying for a job

The Apprenticeship Framework

The Apprenticeship Framework consists of a suite of qualifications , a competency based qualification, a knowledge based qualification, essential skills and employee rights & responsibilities. These qualifications have been agreed by the relevant Sector Skills  Council responsible for Cleaning & Support Services.

The time taken to complete the apprenticeship framework differs for each individual but you should expect to complete within 12 to 15 months. At induction an Individual Learning Plan is agreed and put together, personalised for your learning.

Dependent on your current job role and prior learning, learning can be undertaken at one of the following levels. Once complete you may have the opportunity to progress to the next level.

  • Level 2 – Foundation Apprenticeship
  • Level 3 – Apprenticeship

The Next Step

Contact one of our qualified Training Coordinators who will be able to help you decide which level is suitable for you.

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